Prototype Bee

This early prototype is the first board I develop from ground up. The first shot was made by Tom Hartley, Alyssa Dayan and Taylor Jones a few years back, when they developed their AirPi. Unfortunately, the AirPi is not supported anymore and many of its parts are outdated.

With the Prototype Bee I created a significantly smaller board, which can be installed on top of a Raspberry Pi Zero. Unlike its idol, the AirPi, the bee includes pre-soldered SMT parts and therefore requires less soldering abilities from the user.

It is meant to be a plug-and-play solution with minimal effort necessary. However, due to limited free time to spend for further development, it is necessary for the user to dive a little into the basics of electronics and coding.



  • MiCS-6814 sensor for measuring CO, NO2 and NH3
  • BME280 for temperature, pressure and humidity
  • MCP3008 Analog-to-digital converter
  • Dust particle sensor connector (for Nova Fitness SDS011)
  • Fan connector
  • Control LEDs

Not included

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • General air quality sensor TGS2600
  • Particle sensor SDS011 (Nova Fitness Ltd.)
  • 5V Fan (2-pin)

The Prototype Bee is currently in development and being tested. It will not be available for purchase. However, I expect the bee’s successor to take that role. Stay tuned for news.